Communication Consulting !
Our roots are from the entertainment industry. We started as a recoding label in 2002. Today we are active in the fields of strategic planning, business development, management consulting music production, acoustic consulting and corporate development. Our founder Hakan Kursun is active in the european music industry since 1992. He was board member of the MSG association, MD of EMI Turkey, Founders representation of SAE TR. He teaches since 2002 at the Istanbul Technical University MIAM research center. Hakan Kursun consulted together with peutz-tr the acoustic design of VW Arena a amplified music hall with 5800 seats capacity. The project was completed in 2014 and the hall is evaluated as one of the best amplified music halls in the world. Currently Pb consults new real estate development projects that include entertainment facilities. Pb Ltd also provides corporate education solution for the national broadcaster TRT and the forensic medicine department of the ministry for internal affairs. Pb represents peutz-tr, Harris Grant services and MicW products. Besides all this work we still love to make and produce new music.
If you are planning to invest in Turkey or to introduce your products in our area please contact us.
hakan.kursun (X) pbmuzik.com